Manufacturers have tried for years to create an integrated hub to increase supply chain visibility, manage products/supplier risk management, and automate financial reconciliation. The recent business disruptions make having an end-to-end supply chain solution a requirement, not a luxury. But how can you create a fast and seamless solution if you’re pulling together a variety of industry and business solutions? With so much to do and limited resources, it’s time to go with a proven winner – Oracle IBPX.

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Oracle’s Integrated Business Planning and Execution platform allow manufacturers to stay agile and competitive. As with all Oracle Products, you can create a roadmap to suit, implement modularly, then extend slowly to a larger user group as adoption and core business allows. Or your organization can go all in and implement the entire solution to enable transformation as your supply changes with IoT, AI/ML, or social channels with your partners or vendors.

Infovity is your Trusted Partner for Implementations

Infovity has a wealth of experience with the Manufacturing Vertical. Infovity has taken what Oracle has delivered and developed pre-packaged models incorporating best practices to define your organization’s Key Business Drivers. These models provide thought leadership in your industry, quicker time to implement along with risk mitigation when deploying your planning solution. Infovity calls this it’s Jump Start Framework.

Here is a sample of the delivered dashboards.


The benefits of using Infovity as your implementation partner include:

  • Proven implementation methodology
  • Reduced budgeting cycle time by 50%
  • Significant improvement in budgeting and forecasting accuracy
  • Clear visibility into demand situation allowing management to make timely decisions
  • Better alignment of marketing spend against sales
  • Accurate projection of workforce spend and control over operating spend

Learn how to take advantage of Infovity’s Jumpstart Framework, plus see a few implementation strategies in this on-demand webinar from July 2020.