Over the past six weeks, the challenges of COVID-19 have driven HR professionals to plan for a new normal–keeping employees safe while ensuring that employee safety and well-being is a priority.

On March 31, Oracle announced that during this pandemic, current Oracle HCM Cloud customers can access its “Workforce Health and Safety” (EHS) free. EHS allows employees in small- to medium-sized organizations to report, manage, and resolve incidents. In the spirit of unity, your Infovity team is offering to implement EHS free for our customers and are ready to review this opportunity with you too!

“When Oracle made its HR “Workforce Health and Safety” solution free to customers, we knew we had a responsibility to remove any implementation barriers, including cost. Keeping our customer’s employees safe is the least we can do to thank them for their continued loyalty.” –Sujana Benjamin

As a consequence of COVID-19, many HR leaders are facing a perfect storm—an increased workload and a reduced IT department. On their behalf, our HCM Practice team quickly created a rapid implementation process that enables HR to simplify health and safety issues in a week or less.

Infovity implements Oracle EHS for two Life Science customers

Upon finalizing our process, we offered two of our Life Sciences customers the opportunity to put the plan into action. The result? After committing 20 hours of manpower, our team was able to configure, test, and put this solution into production within a week.

How does the EHS solution work?

The tool provides employees with a simple way to report incidents and submit pictures wherever they’re using a mobile device.

Once submitted, a “Crisis Management and Response Team” responds immediately to the incident, parses the incident into specific events, and collects the details.

In the next phase, the team assigns ownership for investigations and follow up actions. During the investigation, all action items are documented against the incident, and stakeholders receive notifications from start to finish.

To ensure compliance, security, and access controls are configured to align with your existing HR footprint. All activities are available for review in a dashboard that provides full visibility into the data.

How can we help you?

We’re here to help! Whether you’re an Infovity customer or interested in becoming one, we encourage you to reach out and take advantage of this free EHS solution and implementation opportunity. Please contact solutions@infovity.com to discuss how we can meet your HR needs and realize your goals.