Edgio Selects Infovity for a Tailored Oracle Cloud Subscription Solution

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Customer Overview

Edgio, headquartered in Tempe, AZ, assists businesses in providing faster, safer, and more controlled online experiences and content delivery. They offer an easy-to-use network that spans the globe, along with integrated tools for applications and media. This creates a unified platform for delivering high-quality, secure websites and streaming content. By using this seamless platform and comprehensive edge services, companies can speed up and enhance content delivery, leading to increased revenue and business worth.

Challenges and Objectives:

Edgio’s remarkable growth continues to impress, maintaining an impressive 90% year-over-year expansion. This outstanding progress has been driven by a combination of natural development and strategic acquisitions. As part of its commitment to optimizing revenue strategy and execution, Edgio recognized the need for a tailored platform to meet its specific demands. Nevertheless, a significant challenge emerged in accurately evaluating their revenue streams. The limitations of its existing subscription management software and revenue recognition tools hindered the ability to comprehensively understand the financial landscape. The complexities inherent in managing and representing the intricate financial dynamics of Edgio’s subscription-based business model surpassed the capabilities of these tools.


Recognizing the need for an innovative solution, Edgio turned to Oracle Cloud and Infovity for Infovity’s expertise in mirroring Edgio’s unique business workflows within subscription management applications.

The entire solution footprint will include: Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle Procurement Cloud, Oracle Self-Service Procurement Cloud, Oracle Subscription Management Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud, and Oracle Enterprise Contracts.

Get It Right The First Time With Infovity

With Infovity, your customers will have access to a variety of industry-specific, pre-built models and dashboards built on Oracle Cloud applications. Our customers benefit from our employee’s immense expertise and that rare combination of quality and value that businesses need now more than ever.

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