System1 is All Systems Go on Oracle Cloud ERP

Go-Live Date: December 2020

Customer Overview

System1 operates the most powerful responsive acquisition marketing platform (RAMP), enabling omni-vertical customer acquisition across every major advertising network. Its employee roster boasts today’s leading data scientists, engineers, and marketing technologists in the industry. Revenue, employees, and customer-base are all booming, so it is no surprise that System1 was experiencing growing pains from success.

Challenges and Objectives:

To meet challenges brought on by business growth, System1 needed to eliminate multiple legacy finance solutions and consolidate to a single global ERP software platform. After evaluating a variety of ERP solutions, the CFO championed the move to a Tier 1 application. With operations in multiple countries, multiple ledgers, and functional currencies, System 1 realized Oracle Cloud ERP would provide the long-term benefits and increased functionality needed.

Additional objectives included:

  • Eliminate manual and error-prone accounting processes and report creation
  • Real-time data, controls, and security
  • New and improved finance best practices that include automation
  • Improve auditing and compliance controls
  • Meet global accounting and reporting requirements in a single solution

Infovity provided a clear Oracle Cloud ERP implementation roadmap adding increased value at a competitive price, making this partnership the clear choice over the competition.


Infovity implemented Oracle Financials (GL, AP, AR, FA, Cash Management) to address all System1’s accounting and reporting needs, establish internal controls, and improve efficiency with workflows, automation, and intercompany reconciliation. Infovity supported integrations with 3rd party Banking Solutions, like CitiBank and Fx Rates.


  • Infovity met all System1 challenges and objectives on-time and on budget
  • Immediate improvement in security and established internal controls
  • A+ Audit Results: Global consolidation from multiple systems to Oracle Cloud ERP enabled System1 to quickly pass its first post-go-live audit without any issues

The Infovity Advantage:

  • Competitive pricing allowed System1 to benefit from a Tier 1 solution today
  • Infovity’s Jumpstart Package for Oracle Cloud ERP ensured a drama-free implementation
  • Infovity inspired customer confidence leading to Phase 2 projects for System1

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