On-Demand Webinar

Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Oracle Cloud Journey:
The Benefits of Single System Billing and Subscription Management

Great leaders are preparing for upcoming disruptions now by increasing the organization’s agility and resilience. Whether the changes are volatile or create new opportunities, businesses need tools that support rapidly changing business models. Companies that invested in Oracle Cloud, like Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), are reaping the rewards with new growth, increased user adoption, and exceeding customer expectations.

TBN panelists share their experiences along its Oracle Cloud Journey in this video. We highlight before and after each implementation, including Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud EPM, and Oracle Cloud Subscription Management. You will also hear best practices that will save your organization time and money, including:

  • How a single billing system within Oracle Cloud saved time and money, plus eliminated third-party solutions that required integration management
  • How adding Oracle Cloud Subscription Management streamlined billing while remaining flexible enough to try new subscription models across new and existing business units
  • How the increased user adoption and ability to reduce employee training by 50% was extremely valuable for the growing finance department during a corporate relocation

“Going from a green screen to where we are today in 4.5 years is amazing. I would make the choice again for Oracle. The gains, efficiency, and productivity that we have been able to see and provide to the organization from a reporting standpoint, my team and Infovity have knocked it out of the park.”

Mendy Morgan, Vice President of Finance, , TBN

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