Infovity delivers Edgio’s Digital Transformation using Oracle Subscription

Go-Live: May, 2024

Customer Overview

Edgio offers a content delivery network (CDN) service designed to efficiently deliver digital media content and software. The company provides advanced software tools and technologies that help businesses manage and analyze large datasets, enabling them to make informed decisions and derive valuable insights. Edgio’s primary objective is to enhance online experiences and content delivery by utilizing a unified platform that ensures faster, safer, and more reliable distribution of high-performance web properties and streaming content.

Challenges and Objectives:

  • Scalable Billing Solution: Implement an out-of-the-box scalable billing system to accommodate Edgio’s complex subscription management needs ​
  • Procurement and Payables: Deploy a robust procurement and payables solution to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and replace the existing systems from NetSuite and EBS​
  • Financial Foundation: Establish a solid foundation for financial operations that will enhance overall financial management and reporting capabilities


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Oracle Cloud ERP provided a unified platform that replaced disparate systems, reduced operational complexity, and improved process efficiency​
  • Cost Reduction: By sunsetting NetSuite and EBS, Edgio reduced system maintenance costs and eliminated the need for managing multiple ERP solutions​
  • Improved Scalability: The new ERP system is better suited to handle Edgio’s growth, allowing easy scalable operations without the need for extensive customizations
  • Oracle Cloud ERP: GL, AP, AR, FA, Cash, Collections, Contract, Projects, ​Revenue, Self Service Procurement, Purchasing, Sourcing, Supplier Qualification, Subscription Management Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)


  • Streamlined Operations: Oracle Cloud ERP streamlined Edgio’s billing, procurement, and financial processes, improving transaction speed and accuracy​
  • Increased Adaptability: The ERP system enhances adaptability to business changes, supported by Oracle’s integrated applications​
  • Strategic Advantage: The robust and scalable ERP platform aligns with Edgio’s strategic goals, efficiently managing complex subscription services and global operations

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