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End Time-Consuming RMA Process at Return Intensive Businesses

Speaker: Prasobh Kalampully, VP of ERP Practice

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Automated RMA and Receipt by Serial Number

Does your business manage a high number of product returns? Receiving departments can become easily confused when customers return shipments from different sales orders with mismatched serial numbers. Receiving should focus on inspection and quality, not searching and matching existing RMA’s in the system to credit the customer appropriately. Labor Intensive manual processes create a myriad of customer service problems. Learn how Infovity solved this problem by developing an extension to solve this issue for Sientra, a medical device company. Learn how Receiving increased efficiency and customer satisfaction post-implementation.

About Speaker

Prasobh Kalampully comes to Infovity with more than 25 years of experience implementing Oracle ERP applications across various industries. He’s a business-savvy leader who has led teams of highly-talented IT professionals and successfully implemented Oracle EBS and ERP Cloud and business solutions.