Oracle Cloud ERP to Currency Exchange Integration Can Help You Mitigate Risk

Foreign exchange (FX) poses a risk to any company doing business internationally. Currency exchange-related errors are becoming more substantial, more frequent, and more visible. It’s not uncommon for incidents to happen daily, raising the ire of auditors. The good news is your ERP system was designed to receive rates automatically via API, which allows you to import real-time rates accurately and directly into your computing environment.

Infovity provides a cloud-to-cloud integration between OANDA, Open Exchange or any other exchange rate provider with Oracle Cloud ERP. Currency exchange rates can be read from OANDA, Open Exchange or any other vendor and the information is pushed seamlessly into Oracle Cloud ERP.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlined business process
  • Accelerated integration project implementation
  • Hosted integration layer on Cloud

“We engaged Infovity to deploy OANDA Integration with Oracle Cloud ERP. Infovity deployed the integration as part of the Oracle Cloud ERP implementation they managed. Our exchange rates in Oracle ERP are now auto-updated nightly, and it has been running since go-live without issue.”

Vice President, IT
Large Internet Service Provider