Oracle Cloud Subscription Management for Asset Leasing

Transforming the landscape of equipment lease management

Successful asset leasing organizations depend on managing revenue and assets throughout the entire lifecycle. Businesses must track each asset’s location, utilization, maintenance, value, and profitability. Infovity has solved the challenges facing the management of operating leases for the Lessor.

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Explore what we have to offer

Lease Data Collection

Merges critical lease data from items, installed assets, and fixed assets into subscription as the base system, enhancing visibility and control.

Revenue and Invoice Management

Utilizes Oracle’s Revenue Management Cloud to ensure accurate billing and revenue recognition, complying with ASC606.

Seamless Operations

Through Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), we synchronize and streamline data flows across subscriptions, assets, and financial events, ensuring every transaction is accurately captured and reported.

Scalable and Supportive

Designed to handle growing transaction volumes, our solutionscales with your business, backed by expert managed services ensuring continuous support.

Key Features of Our Solution

  • Central Workbench
    A single workspace to manage all lease operations, from quote to revenue, ensuring seamless process transitions and efficient operations.

  • Expertise in Action
    Extensive knowledge in managing the full lifecycle of subscriptions and recurring billing to maximize the efficiency and profitability of asset rentals.

Why Infovity?

We’ve creatively adapted Oracle Subscription Management to support the complexities of equipment and asset rental for the lessors. This integration isn’t just about using existing tools—it’s about redefining what’s possible in equipment lease management.

Oracle Cloud Lease

Discover how our innovative approach not only addresses but anticipates the needs of modern lease management. Dive deeper into our cutting-edge solution by visiting our website or watching our detailed webinar.