Request Your 5-Step Cloud-Readiness Assessment and Process Improvement Review

Is it time to review your current processes?

Would you like expert guidance creating a roadmap that outlines how to migrate to a modern Cloud?

If so, why fly solo?

Based on your business system requirements, our Infovity Oracle practice experts will help you establish an assessment framework. We’ll explore the most affordable way to optimize your current on-premises applications, identify which apps are licensed, and those your workforce uses.

The 5-steps include:

  1. Preparation
    • Identify resources and create a timeline (2 to 10 weeks depending on complexities)
    • Acquire functional process maps and a list of customizations
    • Discuss any 3rd party systems and obtain contacts
  2. Determination
    • On-site meetings with users
    • Confirm business process documentation
    • Review customizations and existing system set-ups
  3. Investigation
    • Detail functional investigation
    • Review data migration and interfaces
    • Review custom or 3rd party applications
  4. Analysis
    • Perform functional analysis
    • Conduct technical analysis
    • Prepare findings and recommendations
  5. Present
    • Present results and recommendations by functional area
    • Initial technical outline
    • Cloud roadmap and phasing

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Partial sample of key findings shared with an Infovity customer post-assessment.