Swell Energy’s Integrated ERP Solution Shapes a Sustainable Future

Go-Live: December 2023

Customer Overview

Swell Energy leads the energy sector’s evolution with innovative solutions for energy management and smart grids. They aim to make clean technologies accessible to homeowners and businesses. Swell Energy is growing dynamically by expanding its reach and promoting renewable energy adoption through organic growth and targeted acquisitions.

Challenges and Objectives:

Since 2014, Swell Energy has embarked on an incredible journey, dedicated to transforming residences and businesses into beacons of clean energy.

As Swell Energy experiences remarkable growth, the company turns to Oracle and Infovity to implement the essential systems and replace outdated processes. This is crucial for seamlessly integrating acquisitions into the company’s operations and managing multiple entities effectively during their ongoing expansion through acquisitions.


The centerpiece of Swell Energy’s advancement is the implementation of a seamlessly integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application suite. This suite is a testament to its strategic aspirations, serving as the cornerstone of its operations as it continues to shape a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape.

Oracle Cloud ERP:
Financials, Revenue Management Cloud Service and Indirect Procurement

This platform will facilitate complex and high-volume billing operations and pave the way for billing asset securitization, strategic investment partnerships, and collaborations centered around tax equity.


  • Comprehensive tools for managing larger, diverse financials while improving accuracy and reducing close time by 50%
  • Effectively manage complex revenue streams with sophisticated revenue recognition and forecasting
  • Reduce manual workload and improve efficiency through process automation
  • Analytics offer real-time insights into integrated company performance, aiding strategic decisions
  • Oracle’s robust compliance framework makes it easy to meet regulatory requirements across diverse regions
  • Enhanced customer experience through integration with homegrown CRM applications

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