Datavant Resolves Data Fragmentation Challenges for Healthcare Providers and Its Internal HCM Organization

Go-Live: December 2023

Customer Overview

Datavant is a health information technology company based in San Francisco, CA, USA, which develops and maintains a digital ecosystem for the exchange of healthcare data. Datavant’s clients include clinical research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, payers, analytics companies, hospitals, and providers, operating primarily in the US healthcare market.

Challenges and Objectives:

Datavant is poised to emerge as a leading global healthcare data ecosystem, facilitating the secure exchange of patient-level data. Addressing the industry-wide data fragmentation challenge, Datavant is also tackling internal data silos. Amid rapid expansion and a focus on acquisitions, Datavant engaged Infovity for its expertise in initiating a comprehensive business transformation. This initiative is integral to Datavant’s ongoing journey to become “One Datavant,” consolidating into a unified system as the definitive source of truth, starting with the employee. The profound transformation journey involved assimilating each merged organization’s unique workforce, leadership, culture, and business practices.


Recognizing the need to provide “one view” of the employee, Datavant looked to Infovity for this transformative journey for its industry references and integration capabilities. Datavant quickly implemented:

Oracle Cloud HCM

  • Core
  • Electronic Onboarding
  • Absence Management
  • Time & Labor
  • Benefits
  • US Cloud Payroll
  • Workforce Compensation
  • Talent Management
  • Helpdesk
  • Webclock


  • 30 integration points with Oracle HCM
  • 15 Direct Benefits Carriers Feeds from Oracle HCM
  • Complete Legacy Data conversion with history


Undergoing rapid expansion within an environment focused on acquisitions, Datavant‘s implementation played a crucial role in Datavant’s extended process of evolving into “One Datavant”. Datavant consolidated processes into a unified system as the ultimate source of truth. The transformation journey becomes truly profound, with each merged organization contributing its unique workforce, leadership, culture, and business practices.

  • Completely retired legacy system UKG with Oracle Cloud HCM and Payroll
  • Provided Global Single HCM system
  • Simplified multiple processes
  • Created compliance consistency across the enterprise
  • Streamline time entry with Time and Labor, and Webclock
  • Fulfilled mobility requirements
  • Elevated user experience and increased adoption rates

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