New / Enhanced Features in Oracle Fusion Payables – Release 11

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Every software application, now-a-days, is being upgraded time and again. Upgrades are particularly essential to address application’s performance, stability, security; adding new features or enhancements in order to meet the customer demand and satisfaction. As always, Oracle stays on top in enhancing its products’ features.

Oracle’s Fusion ERP Cloud – Release 11 is upcoming. In this release, there are solutions to the bugs identified in older versions, enhanced product features which would be liked by everyone using it. All these features will be available for existing (upgraded) and new clients.

This blog post gives you an overview of the new features available in Fusion Payables.


Payables captures invoice information seamlessly through integration with the latest imaging technology and reduces the time spent on invoice entry, resulting in faster throughput.

On the home page, under Payables, there are three work areas – Payables Dashboard, Invoices and Payments.

Fusion Payables Release 11 Dashboard

Invoices Work Area

With Invoices, user can manage the daily work and process invoices efficiently. Each infotile shows scanned invoices, recent invoices, invoices on hold, invoices pending approval, payments, and pre-payments in greater detail so a user can complete the pending tasks – all from a single page.

These infotiles, however, will be available based on the job role. For instance, AP Manager may have the AP Approvals infotile whereas the AP Specialist may not have the Approval infotile.

Scanned Infotile

It facilitates the AP Manager to control the processing of scanned invoices that are pending in the scanned invoices queue. Incomplete invoices that are pending from a specialist are categorized into the following aging buckets: 0-7 days, 8-14 days, and 15+ days. You can query an invoice to view the assignee, and if required, you can take an appropriate action by providing the missing information and completing the invoice.

Fusion Payables Invoices Approval in Release 11

In earlier releases, scanned invoices that are validated used to appear in the scanned invoices queue. In Release 11, you can only see the invoices that are either incomplete or requiring action from a specialist.

Recent Infotile

With the Recent infotile, user can easily review how many invoices are completed or incomplete, and can directly take actions like ‘Validate’ and ‘Post to Ledger’ to complete the invoice.

Similarly, with the Holds infotile we can quickly identify the number of invoices that have been placed on hold and with the Approval infotile we can review the invoices that are pending for approval.

Enhanced Invoice Approval

Invoice approval has been enhanced to allow users to approve or reject an invoice from the Edit Invoices page. Prior to this enhancement, you could only approve or reject invoices from the email approval notification or the work list notification page.

Fusion Payables Edit Invoice Release 11

URL Attachments to Existing Invoices Using a Web Service

Release 11 allows you to create URL attachments for existing invoices through a web service thereby reduces manual work for users. These URL attachments are accessible from the Payables user interface as standard attachments.

This also allows you to integrate with third party content management systems that hold your invoice images, so that the image is accessible throughout the life cycle of the invoice. By using the web service, this attachment process can be fully automated.


Oracle Integrated Invoice Imaging Guide for Cloud (1966280.1) on My Oracle Support at

Accounts Payables – Invoice Approval Process (1342689.1) on My Oracle Support at

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