Currency Exchange


Infovity provides cloud to cloud integration solution between OANDA, Open Exchange or any other exchange rate provider with Oracle Cloud ERP.  Exchange rates can be synched either on demand or on a scheduled basis.

This integration is built on Infovity’s own integration platform on cloud “Infovity Cloud Connect” using Java based open source tools and can be invoked on demand or it can be scheduled to run at a specific intervals.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined business process
    • Currency exchange rates are synchronized between Oracle ERP cloud and OANDA, Open Exchange or any other exchange rate provider.
    • If synchronization fails, log files are available with error messages to analyze the issue.
    • Data issues can be rectified and resubmission are allowed thereby objects are synced with correct data in both system.
  • Accelerated Integration project implementation
    • Integration process is already established, little or no modification required.
    • Entity mappings are available. Review and make modifications only for your business needs.
  • Hosted Integration layer on Cloud
    • Enables Cloud to Cloud integration.
    • Reduces cost of ownership.
    • Reduces cost of installation and maintaining integration.
    • Secured calls to web services from cloud.
    • Automated scheduled executions of the integration process.
    • On demand execution of integration process.
    • Access for viewing errors and statistics.

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